We were living in Niagara Falls and at 66 yrs old it was now or never to live our dream in the mountains. I looked up Real estate agents in the Kootenays on line and picked Kodi out of the blue. An email later she was our agent. We sent her listings as they popped up online, she vetted them and on special ones Kodi would do a video for us. Kodi must have checked out at least 60 places for us. We narrowed it down to 18 and flew out to Calgary, met Kodi the next day. Kodi had arranged 18 viewings over 2.5 days for us. When homes caught our eye Kodi dug deep. We knew everything about the property. We were down to 2 with half a day to go and negotiations were on. Jodi worked diligently on our purchase, back, forth, back and forth in minutes. Bang the deal was done… We leaned on Kodi for every tiny issue, along with inside info on the valley. We still chat. She was there every step of the way for us, ours was not a big purchase but she treated like we were spending a million. A long story . . . to let folks know. Kodi was awesome in all aspect of our purchase. 
 Cheers, Rick