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Buy New Or Resale?


Buying a home can be an exercise in priorities and value. Homebuyers are inundated with different comparable properties, each having it's own value proposition. One predominant factor that more people are looking at is return on investment and total cost [...]

Buy New Or Resale?2021-12-20T21:23:37+00:00

Whole Home Humidifiers


Did you know that dry air can affect the respiratory system by taking moisture from nose and throat passages? This makes us more susceptible to colds and flu bugs. Dry air can take moisture from the skin leading to cracked [...]

Whole Home Humidifiers2021-12-20T21:21:22+00:00

Purchase by Distance was Easy


We were living in Niagara Falls and at 66 yrs old it was now or never to live our dream in the mountains. I looked up Real estate agents in the Kootenays on line and picked Kodi out of the blue. An [...]

Purchase by Distance was Easy2020-08-28T15:03:55+00:00

A Guide to Viewing Homes


Things you can see, smell, or hear in a virtual tour Photos are designed to make a home look great. It's really important to actually visit properties to see how they compare to the photos. Some homes that look [...]

A Guide to Viewing Homes2020-08-10T19:03:34+00:00

First Time Buyer’s Guide


1. Prepare to buy One of the first things you should do is decide where you want to live. Is your heart set on living in town or would a rural area be preferable? I can help to research [...]

First Time Buyer’s Guide2020-08-10T18:23:10+00:00

Marketing Your Home


By working with me, you can maximize your property’s visibility and traffic online. A REALTOR® can highlight your home’s best qualities, include professional photos, video tours and more. Remember, only a REALTOR® can get your home advertised on REALTOR.ca, [...]

Marketing Your Home2021-12-20T21:28:08+00:00

After the Offer is Approved


Your negotiations were a success. Before your house is truly sold, it’s time for the vital final steps known as “closing”. Your lawyer and I will take care of all complicated and time-consuming legal maneuvers. FINTRAC By the time [...]

After the Offer is Approved2020-08-10T17:38:39+00:00

Receiving an Offer


Negotiating a property sale is considered one of the most intimidating aspects of the home buying process. Experience and familiarity of local markets can give REALTORS® a clear advantage to represent your best interest. I will walk you through [...]

Receiving an Offer2020-08-10T17:22:52+00:00

Frugal Curb Appeal Tips


Frugal Curb Appeal Tips A study by the National Association of REALTORS® showed that curb appeal and first impressions greatly influence the sale-ability of a property. Refreshing your home's exterior beautifies your home and increases it's overall value. Small, [...]

Frugal Curb Appeal Tips2020-08-10T17:08:37+00:00

Panorama Resort


Introduction The ski hill adjacent to the village is larger than most in North America with almost 3000 acres of lift-serviced terrain. It also has one of the largest vertical drops at 4,265 feet. It is ranked 5th in [...]

Panorama Resort2020-08-28T16:05:56+00:00
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