Central Vacuums


A central vacuum cleaner is a system that is built into a new home to make cleaning easier and quieter. They feature ducts in the walls that carry dust and debris to a central power unit and collection canister, usually [...]

Central Vacuums2021-12-20T21:41:28+00:00

The Owner-Builder Advantage


You may have visited a brand new home while shopping for real estate. They are the benchmark for home buyers everywhere. House-hunters will visit a show home and then compare everything else they see to that standard. The first thing [...]

The Owner-Builder Advantage2021-12-20T21:38:37+00:00

Buy New Or Resale?


Buying a home can be an exercise in priorities and value. Homebuyers are inundated with different comparable properties, each having it's own value proposition. One predominant factor that more people are looking at is return on investment and total cost [...]

Buy New Or Resale?2021-12-20T21:23:37+00:00
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