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Install a Mudroom Wash Station: The Ultimate Home Convenience


Mudroom wash stations, also known as dog showers, are gaining popularity in homes across the country. These versatile additions serve a variety of purposes, from keeping your pets clean to washing off muddy boots or even giving your houseplants a [...]

Install a Mudroom Wash Station: The Ultimate Home Convenience2023-12-04T15:27:03+00:00

Your Guide to Buying a Cottage or Recreational Property


Living in a vibrant urban area like Vancouver, Toronto, or Montreal has its perks, but sometimes you need a break from the concrete jungle. A cottage or recreational property can be your perfect getaway, offering tranquility, natural beauty, and a [...]

Your Guide to Buying a Cottage or Recreational Property2023-12-04T15:25:01+00:00

How to Make Soap with Your Child


Making soap with your child is not just a delightful and rewarding experience; it's also an opportunity for creativity and learning. Here's a guide to help you and your child embark on the exciting journey of soap making. Choose Suitable [...]

How to Make Soap with Your Child2023-12-04T15:16:46+00:00

Creating a Cozy Winter Haven in Your Home


Winter beckons us to seek solace within the comforting embrace of our abode, with a warm drink in hand and cherished books close at hand. But how do you transform your living space into a cozy and inviting sanctuary during [...]

Creating a Cozy Winter Haven in Your Home2023-12-04T15:36:49+00:00

Staying In For New Year’s Eve?


The basic elements of New Year's Eve at home are some festive lights, wonderful food and drink, and a stellar movie playlist. Set the stage with a few candles and fanciful light strings to brighten dark corners and halls. Inexpensive [...]

Staying In For New Year’s Eve?2021-12-20T22:05:06+00:00

Host A Coffee Tasting


Coffee is a taste experience similar to wine appreciation. In fact, many of the techniques are the same and coffee connoisseurs are referred to as sommeliers. Hosting a coffee tasting for friends or co-workers is a great way to learn [...]

Host A Coffee Tasting2021-12-20T22:01:40+00:00

Herb & Berry Smoothies


Few combinations of flavours will reward as much as herbs and berries. Combine them in baked desserts, smoothies, and ice pops for a special and sophisticated taste sensation. Here are some suggestions on how to use herbs and berries to [...]

Herb & Berry Smoothies2021-12-20T21:48:34+00:00

Rustic Furniture


Did you know that ecological furnishings add more to a space than a place to sit? They are pieces of art that spring from nature to dwell exclusively in the homes of people. Naturalistic furniture pieces are objects of experience [...]

Rustic Furniture2021-12-20T21:46:57+00:00

Naturalism In Decor


For some people, their home is the ultimate sanctuary of utter calm. It's place of blissful quietude to reset the day, a refuge from the storms of urban life. It is, or can be, a place to relax, gather, and [...]

Naturalism In Decor2021-12-20T21:37:05+00:00
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