Do I need a real estate agent to buy or sell a home in British Columbia?


Deciding to put your property on the market is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make. Navigating the market is a complex process—I can help you with every step along the way. I work hard to ensure you get the best possible price, while also coordinating marketing, showings, negotiating, closing, and everything in between. Here are a few reasons why using a REALTOR® is a good idea.

  • Understand real estate values in your neighbourhood; I will help set a competitive price for your property
  • Establish a marketing strategy for your property, ensuring that it receives maximum exposure through advertising and networking
  • Take care of the many tasks involved in selling property––from placing your listing, to putting up the for-sale sign––ensuring the transaction is as simple and low-stress for you as possible
  • Guide your decision-making with detailed advise on your rights, options and obligations
  • Negotiate with buyers to achieve the best price possible

You need a real estate agent

Why use a REALTOR®?

You’re trusting a REALTOR® with your most valuable possession, your home. We take this responsibility very seriously and here is what we promise you:

We’re highly trained – REALTOR® training is so rigorous that many candidates fail the pre-registration courses. Those who do pass must master a long, diverse list of subjects ranging from housing construction to family law.

We’re continuously trained – REALTORS® keep pace with the times. All licensed REALTORS®must take continuing education courses to make sure their knowledge on subjects like legal issues and technology are up to date.

We do everything ‘by the book’ – A licensed REALTOR® is registered under provincial laws that govern exactly how real estate can and cannot be traded. These regulations are your legal guarantee of our professional promise.

We’re ethical business people – REALTORS® must adhere to the extensive Code of Ethics of the Canadian Real Estate Association. Your interests are always first.

Your dealings with us are insured – For your peace of mind, provincial regulators sponsor consumer protection programs that may require, for instance, that REALTORS® maintain errors and omissions insurance. For sale by owner transactions are not insured – one more reason why you need a real estate agent.

You have an opportunity for recourse – Should you have concerns about the professionalism of a REALTOR®, provincial regulators and your local real estate board or association take these matters very seriously and work quickly to resolve any issues.

We work with the powerful Multiple Listing Service® – The MLS® is the single most powerful tool for buying and selling a home. As a REALTOR®, I can provide you with exclusive features of the local MLS®system, such as immediate notification when new properties are listed and access to strata fees, taxes, and any legal notes on the property title.

Information about REALTOR® ethics and licensing

Insight on why you need a real estate agent

Privacy and REALTORS® – Canadian Real Estate Association.

REALTOR® Code of Ethics – Canadian Real Estate Association

Working With a Real Estate Agent – British Columbia Real Estate Association. Read the BCREA’s

Why Use a REALTOR®?

  • Committed to the REALTOR® Code: The code is the accepted standard of conduct for all real estate practitioners who are REALTORS®. It’s your guarantee of professional conduct and the quality service. Read more about the REALTOR® Code and why you need a real estate agent.
  • Knowledgeable about developments in real estate: A REALTOR® can get you the information needed to make an informed decision: comparable prices, neighborhood trends, housing market conditions and more.
  • Actively updating education: Through courses, workshops and other professional development, a REALTOR® maintains a high level of current knowledge about real estate.
  • Access: REALTORS® have access to Board MLS®Systems, which facilitate the cooperate sale of properties to benefit consumers.